Human-Centered Data Science

Human-Centered Data Science @ IT University of Copenhagen.

The Human-Centered Data Science research group (HCDS) focuses on the human factors in the conception, use, and understanding of data. Positioned in the intersection of data science, social science, HCI, and CSCW we are interested in understanding and exploring human practices enabled by technology. We combine both quantitative and qualitative methods, and work with computational methods such as statistics, machine learning, network analysis together with qualitative methods such as ethnography, interviews, and observations.

Our research aims to contribute to often overlooked human-centered dimensions of data science such as individual differences, domain-expertise, design implications, and societal impact. Within HCDS, we work across several topics, including digital media platforms, information visualization, crowd sourcing, affective computing, behavioral modeling, and societal challenges related to digital infrastructure more broadly.


Mar 4, 2023 We’re thrilled the welcome a whole group of new people in our group! Roosa Piitulainen and Jan Benjamin Vornhagen will join as PHD students and Feng Feng and Daniel Bennet wil join as Postdocs!
Dec 2, 2022 We're happy to welcome Luigi Arminio as PhD student within the PolarVis project.
Sep 1, 2022 We're excited to welcome Dr. Elisa Mekler, who joins the HCDS group from today as Assistant Professor.
Jun 1, 2022 Luca Rossi have secured 2.3 million kroner from the European CHANSE programme to understand the role of visual content in contemporary dynamics of polarization, with a specific focus on online polarization.
Apr 6, 2022 Fully funded PhD scholarship with Aske Mottelson on the topic of open science and mixed reality.
Apr 1, 2021 And we have a name! We’ll be the Human-Centered Data Science group at ITU

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